12 Unique and Sweet Ideas to Surprise your lover on a special day

12 Unique and Sweet Ideas to Surprise your lover on a special day-

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  1. Post them on social media

Make a post on Instagram or Facebook with a recent photo of the two of you and add a sweet message for your lover. This is telling the whole world that you care and cherish them in a special way.

  1. Write them a poem

Just the way you would write a love letter, compose a poem and print on a nice paper. After, frame it and recite to them. You can hang the frame on a common area that you both share, this will act as a reminder to them any time that you care about them.

  1. Order a gift online for them

Look at a unique gift for someone you love, could be a pair of boxers, vests, socks for him or lingerie for her. Make sure it’s from their favorite brand and color. It has to be well thought of.

You could also buy a watch, bracelet, phone, handbag, necklace, think of anything that they will not forget easily. Have it wrapped well with a note inside expressing your feelings.

A good errands and concierge service will help you pack a drop the gift.

  1. Invite them for a picnic/ camping site

There are many picnic sites and camping sites to choose from. Select one that has everything your lover would like. Inform them in advance about the plan. On the very day, pack snacks and drinks for the day and enjoy yourselves on the day. You can sing for them on the trip and make merry at the site. Doesn’t have to be so expensive, you could rent or borrow the tent.

  1. Make a goodie bag

When searching for the best gift, do remember that big isn’t always better. At times it’s the small and thought of things that matter most. Look at the things your lover likes most and fill a bag with each of them, you can buy them a pack of their favorite bears, a wine jar, or send a handwritten coupon saying you will help them with some chores  or errands they don’t like doing, i.e. washing dishes, clothes, getting groceries for a week. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

You could hire for them a grocery and shopping service for a month from an affordable local errand company like Wakah errands. This would be the best gift for them especially when they are not feeling well or when she’s pregnant.

  1. Order a branded bottle with their image

A branded bottle with an image of your loved will serve as a great surprise. Order one from a local branding shop or you can as well share your preferences with an errand company who will handle your order and deliver to you or to your loved one for that special day.

  1. Donate something in their name

Giving back to the society is a blessing and means a lot to the underprivileged. Look for the best thing to donate and make sure to donate I your lover’s names as a way of appreciating them.

  1. Organize a virtual party

If your lover is far from you, you could organize a virtual party with snacks and drinks and tell jokes online as you celebrate your day. On this virtual meeting, you can share memories of your past like how you met, places you have been together, some of the brightest moments you shared, plans you have for each other. This will be among the greatest ways to show love from a distance.

  1. Drop a handmade gift, doormat, bracelet, customized gift, and houseplant

Do you remember some arts you made when young? Is there a favorite one that you sent to your girlfriend at school? You could remind your lover of some childhood gifts you once received or sent someone. Make a doormat with her name and send to her. You could buy a houseplant, or handmade bracelet. Some small things could mean a lot to someone especially coming from a loved one. 

Spray your perfume in the package!!!

Think outside the box.

  1. Romantic breakfast in bed

Wake up early before your partner does and prepare a very romantic breakfast. Wake them to a well-made aromatic breakfast and some lovely music. Hold their hands warmly as you serve breakfast in bed.

  1. Dance with them

Play their best music and dance with your lover. You can bring in their stupid dance moves from your old days and tease them just for them to feel loved.

  1. Send her flowers and a card

Flowers are a great way of expressing feelings for someone who really means it. A bunch of flowers and a card having a special message could brighten up someone’s day. Make sure it’s completely a surprise. You could have an experienced errand service deliver the surprise at work or at home.

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