Do your customers ask to pay for goods on delivery?

Is making sure the customers get their orders on time and in the right condition one of your worries?

After reading through this, you will get answers to the questions and it should no longer be a pain in your head anymore.

Making sure your customers get the products they ordered in the right condition and time helps build your business reputation. You gain trust from your customers. The satisfied customers will, in turn, attract more others by word of mouth.

E-commerce fulfillment is the entire process of processing an order from the moment a customer places their order online to the time it reaches the final customer. This process is made possible by an order fulfillment company.

If you are a newbie in business, you may consider in-house fulfillment as you look around for the best third-party logistics provider. If you have been in business for some time, various order fulfillment centers can offer you efficient services. You can as well get one fulfillment company that matches your entire business needs.

However, you need to look around for the best provider. The best way to start is to decide what you need and then research a company that meets your needs. Here is a simple guide to help you determine the fulfillment company to hire.

1. Storage Fees
Pick a company that charges low rates in storage fees. The fees should be commensurate to how long the products can stay in the warehouse. There should also be reasonable charges in case the inventory stays longer in the warehouse than expected.

2. Experience
The fulfillment facility you think of outsourcing should have adequate experience handling the types of products you sell. You need to consider how long the company has been in business and if you are satisfied with their expertise level.

3. Technology
An automated order management system is essential for customer satisfaction and efficiency. Choose a fulfillment company that takes advantage of technology to fast track your orders.

4. Customer service and support
How a company handles customer complaints is more important than any mistakes made in orders. Make sure the fulfillment center has customer service or support system with fully functional contact lines. The services should be sufficient to deal with complaints as they arise.

5. Turnaround Time
It is vital to know how long the company will take to ship products from its warehouse to the customers. Get to know if the orders you place will be processed the same day. You may have adverse effects on your sales if the company turnaround time is not favorable.

6. Location
Running an e-commerce business can entail having customers locally, regionally, or globally. If your customers are geographically sparse, you may want a company located in shipping hubs or major highway. A great location can mean the difference between a late order and an on-time order.

7. Terms and Conditions
You should go through the terms and conditions of service carefully before outsourcing fulfillment services. Check for details concerning pricing, pick & pack, account management fees, shipment, and order processing. This will determine whether the business relationship will be good.

Final Words
Getting mini warehousing services from a third party like Wakah Errands can have a meaningful impact on your startup or established business. By picking the right company, you bring on board logistics experts and become more agile. You also get extra time to concentrate on managing other operations that do not involve packing, shipping, and distributing products.

Use the guide above to choose the right fulfillment company for your business. Remember also to read customer reviews online to know what other businesses like yours have to say about different third-party warehousing services.

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