Are you a doctor, architecture, lawyer, professional designer, insurance agent, consultant, and counselor or does your work entail classified information that should be handled by only relevant persons? You need a professional document delivery service for your work and that has to be aware of the importance.

Some documents are very important and need utmost care when handling. Such tasks need a professional and modern courier to transport them from one place to the other. Wakah errands provide the best document delivery in Kenya. We have a talented team who are dedicated to achieving set goals and targets while providing customer satisfaction and maintaining the highest levels of privacy as per the client’s requirements. We handle highly classified information with the decency and value it deserves. Our services are available at any time of the day and to anywhere within the region.

Some of the services we offer include;
Dropping insurance quotes, policy documents and policy schedules
Delivering urgent letters and collecting others
Dropping off cheques, collect and deposit cheques
Taking documents for signing and back
Delivering medical reports to relevant persons
Delivering architectural designs
Dropping and collection of certificates and licenses
Handling examination reports

Some of these documents mean a life to some people and giving them to any other person whom you don’t trust can be very costly. You need to look for an errand running company that understands what to do and how to handle such classified information documents. Before going further you need to understand what to look for when selecting an errand running company or errand runner for your tasks. Look at the link below to see why you should take Wakah errands as your errands partner of choice.

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