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Ecommerce fulfillment is all about meeting the modern day shopper’s expectations which include the day to day shipping policy, overseas shipping and the24-hour delivery for local deliveries.

Wakah errands focuses on providing the best ecommerce fulfilment services by transforming logistics to a revenue driven economy rather than the traditional costly venture. W enable businesses to become more profitable by improving conversions and turning them into sales.

We help the clients in:
1. Reducing the cart abandoning rate by 21%
2. 22% reduction on shipping and logistics costs
3. 10%saving to the bottom line
4. 90% increment in total average order value
5. 200% annual growth

How do we achieve this?
We put order fulfillment centers closer to the customer rather than to the business or the locality. We use data we collect from history to assess the best locations for fulfillment centers for your products. This in turn optimizes on the delivery costs and the time taken for ach delivery.

All fulfillment centers are located in major towns in the regions we operate meaning the products are nearer to the clients more than they can imagine.

We utilize the latest technologies in order management systems and inventory sharing meaning the client will be updated on the flow of his products at any given time. This enables them to be better prepared on which stock items to add in the inventory and knowing the fast moving products as well.

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