A third-party logistics or 3pl is an organization that outsources elements of warehousing, supply or distribution as well as fulfilment services to e-commerce businesses. For any e-commerce business, the best 3pl company is the key element to improving your financial, operational and most importantly customer performance. With that said, several e-commerce businesses will not know how to single out the best and reliable 3pl company and that is what we are going to help you with if you are among them.

So, what exactly do you look for in a 3pl? When choosing the best 3pl company, you will have to consider several factors. For example, the 3pl company of choice should be able to provide you with safe storage space pick and pack services, customer care services, among other services.

When choosing a 3pl company, make sure that it will provide you with the following services. When your preferred 3pl company meets these standards, then you can know you have the best among the rest.

Customer service

A good 3pl company should be able to work for you not only when it comes to distributing your products. This factor will vary from one 3pl to another in that some will only reach out to your customers by email or chat which may not be the best way. Look for a 3pl company that will ensure that your customers are taken care of in all aspects and are left satisfied.

At Wakah fulfilment, we ensure that your customers are taken care of from when their order is scheduled for delivery up until they receive the product and still have questions about it. We ensure that we customize the whole process to fit your business and your needs. With our dedicated customer care team, all your customer emails, phone calls as well as live chats will be properly handled on time. In case you require a personal phone number for your business customers alone, we shall ensure that you get just that to allow your customers to get the best services.

Secure storage facilities

When choosing a 3pl company, you need to consider one that is situated in a secure environment. You should also consider the size of the facility to ensure that they will scale down all operations to suit your business needs.

With Wakah, we guarantee you the best storage facility to handle all your products while offering you the best order fulfilment services. We are located in a safe and secure location with our warehouses managed by a team of a dedicated person to keep all the products secure.

Courier services with discounted rates

One of the most important things to look out for is the ability of the 3pl company to ship all your products to your customers regardless of where they may be located. Ensure that the 3pl company of choice can ship several items from other e-commerce businesses daily. This will allow you to negotiate discounted shipping rates which will be better than a company that will only ship your items.

At Wakah we offer a flat rate to all our clients regardless of the location of their customers. We have connections with major couriers to ensure that your products reach the time of your customers. We also offer an ideal cut off time in a way that if your orders get to us by 1 pm, they are processed, packaged and sent to your customers that same day.


When you choose a 3pl company, you want one that will make everything easier for you and not one that will always stress you out especially when it comes to returns. At Wakah, we will handle all of the returns depending on your needs and preferences. Furthermore, if you prefer to have all the tracking details of the returns or needing the items to be sent back to you, we will do just that.


When you consider having a 3pl company to assist you with your e-commerce fulfilment needs, you are looking to serve yourself in the best way possible. However, having a 3pl company to help you with all this shouldn’t come at an unreasonable cost. With that said, it shouldn’t necessarily mean that you go for the cheapest because you might not get all the services you need.

Even the most expensive may not perform to your expectations. At Wakah, we offer flat rates with no additional extra charges. We ensure that we quote for you each service in the beginning so that you don’t incur any other charges with time. We also offer discounted rates on storage and other services with time when you increase the items to be shipped in a month.


How would you feel if you choose a company that doesn’t have any level of expertise? Well, you wouldn’t want that now, would you?  Choose a company that knows its way in and out of e-commerce fulfilment as well as logistics. This will save you from several future errors that the company may make which will lead you to great losses.

At Wakah, we have a well-trained team that ensures that all products or items in our storage facilities are well managed and all our clients are always satisfied with our performance. We also appoint managers that will always be available to you at all times to ensure that your needs and special requests are met. We are solely focused on e-commerce and we thrive to continue being among the best e-commerce fulfilment solutions in Kenya.

To find out if Wakah is the best option for your e-commerce fulfilment, contact us today and we shall provide you with more information. Be sure that you will only get the best services at Wakah to allow you to grow your brand to greater heights. Email us at info@wakah.co.ke better yet call or text us on +254 712797947and we shall immediately get back to you. With Wakah, e-commerce fulfilment just got better.

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